Cheap ISBN numbers or even a single one for Indie authors

Below is a copy of an email I received after looking long and hard for ISBN number/s to purchase for very little money outside of the USA as I am based in Ireland.

Finally, I managed to find this site. You just sign up with them first and go straight to purchase page- they take paypal and within minutes you have your own unique ISBN number for 15 pounds sterling. They send you an email. I had seached on the internet and most companies, if they let you independently buy ISBNs and certainly not a single one, they charge more than 100 dollars at least and some a couple of hundred dollars. This site has no strings attached and was really worth it to me as an INDIE author. The only draw back was what you have to do (hoops to go through in supplying all the libraries free copies of your book once published) – I wonder what the British library would do if I didn’t submit to their policies? I’ll keep you posted on my progress.



Independent Publishing Network <>

Go to when you have registered. It should take you there anyway.

Independent Publishers Network <>

AttachmentsMay 27

to me

Hi Maria

Thanks for your membership application & purchase of an ISBN number.

Your receipt is attached

Your ISBN number is *****************3D image of my e-book for The Darwin Delusion: Book One

If you need your ISBN number made into a barcode, please go to where you can easily purchase the barcode images.

NOTE – there are legal deposit requirements for ALL publications in the UK, whether they have an ISBN number or not.

You MUST send one copy to the British Library within one month of publication. See

In addition, 5 other UK libraries are entitled to free copies of the publication, if they request them within 12 months of publication. If you are in Northern Ireland, they can request 13 free copies. See – this is a legal requirement. If we register your book with Nielsen Book Data, then you should expect to have to supply these 5 (or 13) copies (they seem to automatically request copies of all books registered with Nielsen). You can send these 5 (or 13) copies voluntarily before being asked, or you can wait until you are requested (the request will come via us).

Note – if you wish for your book to be registered on the Nielsen book database, please purchase this here – Once this is done we will send you a request for details book information so that we may register your book on the Nielsen database

Best of luck with your book

Let us know if you need anything else

Kind regards


David Allis

Independent Publishers Network

Attachments area
Preview attachment Invoice Maria O’Hare 280514.pdf


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