Format ebooks easily to kindle (tiny cost, but worth the headache)


I was having real problems getting my epub books to load using Kindle viewer and library. The above link (download for free) is brilliant as it lets you view any epub easily and has a library and similar layout to the kindle library etc.

If you are having problems with conversion to Kindle format checkout the info below :

Conversion from word to Kindle is a nightmare, but there is a really easy solution. It also means that you can convert any of your publications that will be in ebook format to be used to view on any epub viewers. This means you get to see your book as readers will see it and navigate it. This is the only part of my ebook formatting experience that cost anything. It was less than 20 Euro (27$) for 1000 conversions. I use it all the time. I am not an affiliate, I just thought this was worth every last penny/cent. If you search Word2Kindle, this should bring you to


I hope this is of some use


Share if you think it would be useful to other INDIE authors –



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