Do not use Create Space (interior) templates to upload to Ingram Sparks….because

Below is a comment I made on a blog and great article outlining all the differenent options for Indie options and self publishing options in general. My comment relates to an important update to this information, a massive problem I encountered and am now trying to share with others to save them grief, time and money.The blog is entitled: Self publishing adventures

diggingupthefuture says:
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December 7, 2014 at 3:10 pm

Hi Karen,
Thanks for great info. I’ve spent numerous hours trying to resolve embedded fonts issue when trying to upload my physical and e-book to Ingram Spark. Please, please, as a warning to any other Indie author trying to use Create Space template to upload their previously published (successfully) book to Ingram Spark, read my experience as each upload to Ingram costs money.
I know Karen, reading your great article, that you used the create space template and your book to upload with success to Lightening Source but believe me, Ingram Spark are different. Otherwise, all the information you provided in your article is really, really useful especially as someone living outside USA as I do (Ireland). Like yourself, I believe starting out and learning the ropes from Create Space is really useful, but using POD and distribution elsewhere is definately the next step – using both Amazon and other POD/distribution. I would suggest Kindle and Smashwords for ebooks. Smashwords distribution is fantastic and if you have a free ebook to promote other stuff – they will do it for you with great distribution to Barnes & Noble, KOBO, I-Tunes (e-tunes) etc. Kindle won’t let you upload an ebook for free. (But I use both). One more thing – using the exterior template (cover) on Ingram is important as when you enter your IBSN number for the book, it will generate the barcode in the pdf file which they send by email to you and you can work on this.

So returning to the embedded font issue using create space template. Unfortunately, in my case, Ingram would not accept my files (made on Create Space) because some fonts were not embedded. At first, I thought that the issue was my own. But after checking, double checking, on and on -eliminating all the possible causes, the pdf file and checking embedding fonts, low and behold, the issue lay in using the template from Create space and any of my text that . created in it. I tested it over and over again by using my own formatted word file and copying text only (special paste with no formatting) into the clean file. I even used a Create Space file and wrote directly into it and checked the embed fonts in file when saving and saving in pdf I checked if fonts were embedded and Times Roman was not. THis is enough to fail to embed fonts when uploading your file to Ingram. THis is a consistent problem if using create space templates. I didn’t even have that font in my document. So for anyone else who might be thinking of using create space template, please (because it costs money to upload new files) check this before uploading. Personally, now having had to reformat my entire manuscript in my own format, I would advice anyone writing their book to do the same from the get go, if thinking of using Ingram. No new authors can get into Lightning these days anyway, so if you want to do POD beyond Create Space, this is my advice. The good news is that once you do your own template, you can use it for any POD company (even your local printers) because they all demand embedded fonts. I hope this helps save someone else from spending massive amount of time scratching my head and not knowing how to resolve somethng and a good deal of money on unsuccessful unloads to Ingram. Cheers Maria Brigit


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