Self-Publishing – courageously in 2015

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 I hope 2015 will behave itself long enough for all of us to breathe a little joy and find the space to create and share our ideas. Apart from making 2015 my personal year for publishing – courageously, both from the point of view of coming to grips with self-publishing for much of 2014, and in terms of the subject matter of my own research and writing, 2015 is also the year in which I want to share my process of how I came to understand self-publishing. This is because, I now feel that I can help and encourage others to also see their ideas and words in print and/or e-book form.

Self-publishing is an amazing thing. However, I believe it needs to be demystified somewhat, as, most newbies, like myself, tend to think it is technically complex, expensive, requires lots of ‘know-how’, fancy programs etc, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth and, the process of learning how to do it for yourself is creative in itself; it can even be fun. Furthermore, if you are again, like  myself,  and end up writing your ideas down relentlessly, what better format than BOOKS to publish these and share them with those who are interested. Plus,  once you have learned the steps, you know how to do it for other books. It gets easier and easier, leaving you more time to WRITE.

Essentially,  I have mostly learned what not to do. But, perhaps that is the best way to learn and help others short-cut those time-consuming and frustrating pitfalls. Therefore, I hope I can begin to help others who are interested in taking the self-publishing route. REALLY, I had no idea of how to do any of this less than a year ago and I firmly believe that if I could do it: anyone can!

You see, I just needed to get my research and words out there – and discovered tons of help on the web. There is a wonderful and vibrant community of Indie authors that really do help each other. By the way, I didn’t even know what an Indie author/publisher was, until I became one. It means independent of course – I felt like such a fool, but I had a chuckle at myself and like all the other things I have learned about Indie publishing, it is actually much easier and cheaper than you might think. Indeed, it can even be entirely free (depending upon how much independence you feel you need – I needed lots and lots – so I learned just about all there is to learn and of course will continue to learn more). I also quietly chuckled to myself when I successfully published both print and physical book forms without the aid of any special graphic programs (not even Photo-shop), just the 3 ‘Ps as I call them, meaning: Powerpoint, Picasa and Paint, which most people would be familiar with and are free to download or accessible in local libraries etc. Please take encouragement and make the publishing of your own words this year – a courageous act of creative self-fulfilment.

And as for those who have already discovered the wonderful world of Indie publishing and shared it with people like me, thank you for all your help and encouragement to be a COURAGEOUS published author.

Here’s where I am presently in my self-publishing adventures because of all the help and advice out there and  what I  would like to publish in 2015. My plan for 2015 is to turn most of my research and e-books into physical books. A few are in various stages of assembly as I write this post. The Epigenetic Caterpillar: An Alternative to the Darwinian view of the Peppered Moth Phenomenon just requires a few minor changes after receiving the PROOF physical copy. Lamarck & the Sad Tale of the Blind Cave-Fish is in the process of becoming both an E-book and physical one. It will be out within the next month and hopefully I will make the current E-Book: The Darwin Delusion: But Old Mr. Darwin wasn’t to Blame, into a physical book by the early Spring. This leaves me with the final, but not last major piece of work – Evolution: A Third Way? to decide it’s fate. I would love to make it into a physical and E-Book form, but as it is the most major of all my works, offering the solution to all this Neo-Darwinian dissent regarding our current model of evolution, it will require the longest edit and fixing up of the full bibliography required for physical books, unlike the clickable links on ebooks. Therefore, this will probably be out in E-book form for a while and my aim would be the summer of 2015. Anyway, that’s my thoughts for the new year.

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 Maria Brigit

Happy Self-Publishing in 2015


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