Self-PUBLISH your way today for FREE, for limited time only to help a small Indie Publisher grow…

I really want to help others self-publish their way, as I have been there myself and I know how time-consuming and bewildering it can be. My belief is that it is the words and ideas of the writer that is important and getting the work published is therefore the objective. It doesn’t matter if you do it all yourself or let someone else do the other bits beyond the writing, although it is worth learning a whole new set of skills to become self-published if you want to publish quite a few things. There are resources on this blog and videos and links that should be useful if you want to go down this route.

I personally took this route and therefore, realised that I had learned so much about self-publishing that I had to share what I discovered and/or help others get their words out there. Your manuscript is no good sitting in your bottom drawer, gathering dust because you couldn’t get a traditional publisher to take it on. Gone are those days – thankfully.

The world of self-publishing is a serious business these days as well as a highly creative one. We, the authors, are in full control. And this is the bit I really like. Nobody changing your words and meanings to the point of not being recognised as yours. You have no control over how the cover looks or anything else for that matter. Recently, as one author  told me, that her publishers wanted to change the setting of the novel to some other city, and believe me, the setting was the whole lynch-pin of the story. She is launching herself into self-publishing as we speak. And in many way, she gave me the encouragement to venture into self-publishing for others and hopefully I will be passing on all these skills that I’ve learned to help her and many others as I progress.

Anyway, a bit about my own writing and books and how I gained all this crazy knowledge about publishing. Honestly, I hadn’t a clue when I started out not that long ago. What I do know about, is what I research, study and write about. I love to write first and foremost and I have written tons of things (creative short-stories, poems, attempts at novels – non of which are published), however, my main writing is non-fiction and much of it is published – thankfully. One day I hope to publish my own more creative fiction. My research is historical and science-based, but just a tad controversial but entirely based on truth and fact. I have had my academic research published in journals etc, but it wasn’t as probing as some of my titles which are presented below, just to give you an idea of the cover ideas.

These are a few of my titles from Dig-Press, from physical to e-books, or both. Most published, one is very close (physical and e-book) and almost ready for POD (Print on Demand) in next few weeks. with world-wide distribution in all major outlets that you can think of.

3D Darwinian Delusion book3D book of epienetic caterpillar3D Lamarck and the sad tale3D book evolution a third way

Note, this final book is not published in any form yet. Hence it has no spine info. It is currently awaiting editing & will be in both e-book and physical form with full world-wide distribution. The first book is only in e-book form with Amazon Kindle (for various reasons to do with content) the other two are both e-books distributed with Amazon Kindle, Smashwords and Ingram Spark (altogether world-wide distribution on Barnes & Noble (Nook) I-tunes, and both currently uploaded as proofs (paperbacks) about to be given all-clear after a few steep learning curves,  not withCreate Space Amazon, but with Ingram Spark and will be distributed physically via Amazon Create Space and Ingram Spark world-wide plus Print on Demand shortly.

So here is what I’m offering as I have come to grips with all this self-publishing over the past two years: If you just want your book published  hassel-free and want it out there on several major platforms, Amazon (kindle) and smashwords etc., A.S.A.P, then, I am currently offering  my services for FREE, yes, for free, or at least for a little while to build up my credentials as an indie publisher of other books, not just my own. And this will hopefully grow the concept of Dig-Press indie publishing and teach me a lot on the way. I have the deepest desire to get books out there without paying heaps of money that most of us don’t actually have. All I ask in return is for an endorsement and passing on my work to as many other writers/authors that you might be interested in publishing with Dig-Press, if you are really happy with how I publish your digital version.

As an Indie author myself I soon realised that it would be better for you to work with me with a sample of your work with a short bio and a synopsis of the book – this should give me enough information to do a sample format and cover design and I’ll run ideas by you when completed. Before even sending me the sample, I will get you to set up the title with Amazon etc so that it is linked to your account, not mine and the ISBN or unique identifier etc – so that nobody can steal your work that you worked so hard to write. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I wouldn’t just send my own work away in full to somebody on the internet offering something for free. That’s just me.

When, you are happy with my layouts etc, we will complete the e-book and get it out there asap. Hopefully, you will be happy then to tell anyone else you feel might benefit from being published sooner rather than later. After I feel that I have found my way and built up a wide range of e-book publications (hopefully yours) and you are amazed and delighted to see your book published, you might be – like I was, really wanting to get your book into wider distribution and into a real physical book form that you could actually give to your friends and family and maybe even sell in some real local bookstores.On the other hand you might just want to leave your e-book as it is and watch the sales go up.

Anyway, when I have finished giving away my services for free and have learned lots from you and all your friends in your writer’s group and gotten your Grandmother to publish her memoirs after all these years, I will be charging a silly amount for my services, just to cover some of my time, as I really do want us all to get our ideas out there and I do have a leaning to real print books. The simplest level of E-book up to the almost world-wide distribution (e-book only with cover design approved by the author and layout/format to up-loadable platform specific file, will be around 40 Euros ( just over £30 pounds sterling or less than $50 bucks) and intermediate package of e-book and physical (real book paperback) but limited to Amazon for the physical will just be 60 Euros and if I do both e-book and physical at this level, the two formats together, it can be done as a package for 70 Euros all in.

The massive mega package with all the same distribution and options of print on demand that a physical book in a bookshop (bricks and mortar) has. Plus the e-book with even greater distribution than before as it can go through Ingram Spark the same as the physical book. This includes the cost of uploading files to Ingram which is not easy and costs about 30 Euros a pop. However, I will include this cost in the total and if I make a mistake in the upload for print ready files, (they are really fussy as we are playing with the big boys – publishers also use Ingram spark) I will cover the cost of the mistake – not you. Your book can sit alongside any other and not look self-published. This includes a fully designed physical and e-book cover and interior print-ready and digit files, ISBN assigned  by Dig-Press if you want (this costs me 20 Euro per ISBN, but can vary from country to country), so already 50 Euro has gone on actual costs of producing the book. I will get proof copy sent, so that I can see it in the flesh and stand over it. If it is a go, distribution to Ingram Spark with world-wide distribution and POD of cost of paper where the author can order up as few or as many of their own books as required.

Inclusive of the actual costs to produce POD physical book and e-book distribution via Ingram of 50 to 60 Euros, my charge for the entire package will not exceed 200 Euro (£150 pounds sterling or, $235 US dollars). I work fast, so that is roughly worked out on a minimal wage (hourly rate) to try and recoupe my loss of working time on my research etc. Saying, that, I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested and I know each project will be bespoke to each author and the needs of the book. I do love the creative side of cover design etc and finding the right look for the story whether it be fiction or faction. Please read on for a little about me as an Indie Publisher and Author:


Maria Brigit

If you are interested or even just want to find out more with no committment, please contact me directly at

Find me on facebook at DigPress O’Hare

I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you all the luck in your writing (and hopefully, publishing pursuits).


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