The Holy Grail of getting your self-published book cover printed by Lightning Source or Ingram Spark

Oopps Again!!!

Didn’t make it to the printing machine yet again! All other files (e-book interior/cover) passed. Cover interior passed, even cover PDF passed, but fell down at the last hurdle of getting the Lightning source people to print my physical book.

I should back up a little and explain: I thought it would work like uploading to Create Space – Nothing could be further from the truth. This was a VERY STEEP learning curve. Anyway, I hadn’t a clue what to do – How do I resolve this, I thought?

I let it go and hoped that the universe would provide an answer, if I just let it go – as it usually does. I stumbled on the pdf below – I cannot begin tell you how useful it was. I’m not through yet, as I havn’t heard back from Ingram yet with my newly formatted cover of my book. However, by following the instructions (RTFM) read the f~~~g manual) is pretty useful. But first you need to know that one exists. Here it is and you work in SCRIBUS (a open source software program that is invaluable). I found it very easy to use and I’m not familiar with photoshop/in-design or any other fancy software programs that cost a fortune to run…

PDF that took me step by step through the process to format my cover for POD at Ingram/Lightning Source.

I really hope this helps you as much as it did me…


Maria Brigit


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