1st (5 stars) review of my new book “Lamarck & the sad tale of the blind cave fish” (a must read… apparently… so, I’m delighted)!”

Click for link to e-book. Physical paperback coming soon
Click for link toreview of Lamarck & the sad tale of the blind cave-fish (e-book). Physical paperback coming soon

I was delighted to get this review of my second book – just published in e-book form and at the final upload stage for physical with ingram spark (POD). It says everything I had intended for the reader to get from the book – so it’s very encouraging to get such a positive response so soon from a book I just put out about two weeks ago… Below is the review:


Review by: Bud Stark on March 17, 2015 :
“This book is a must read for those interested in evolution, especially if you consider yourself a Darwinist or a NeoDarwinist or are not sure of the difference between the two. I remember reading Richard Dawkins’ name only once in this book, but his name kept cropping up in back of my mind. For those many followers of his, you need to see what he is struggling to hide, the discoveries in epigenetics that will undermine evolution by natural selection and Dawkins’ campaign to make the entire progress of nature random and directionless”.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

This is my second review. The only other review thus far, but it is also a 5 star and for the other book out now in paperback and ebook form on Amazon for the moment. This is for “The Epigenetic Caterpillar: an alternative to the Neo-Darwinian view of the Peppered Moth Phenomenon”:

By vixthirteen on 14 Jan. 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
“I bought this book for my father, and want to share his comments on the book. “I have recently read a wanted and received present, ‘The Epigenetic Caterpillar’ by Maria Brigit O’Hare. I was so delighted to have had my 60 year old understanding of the subject, which was belittled by my teachers at the time, reinforced by this great little book . It was informative and explanatory, but not too technical, and will cause many who read it to question their indoctrinated simplistic Darwinism thoughts on the subject of Evolution. A great read , and a must have for anyone who has an interest in this topic.”

Remember, the e-book version is still free to download at smashwords…


Maria Brigit


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