Ingram Spark Self-publishing versus Create Space conversation starter…

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Anyone who has read my previous blogs on self-publishing adventures knows that the road to becoming a fully-fledged Indie author and publisher is a steep one indeed. E.g. going from Create Space (Amazon) who, essentially hold your hand all the way, to playing with the big boys like Ingram Spark or Lightning Source (industry standard printers and distributors of books that real publishing houses use), is massive. But I feel it is very important to make the full transition from Amazon self-published author to self-publisher of your own physical books with full distribution rights and access to POD (print on deman) at cost.

Now that I have finally got POD (print on demand), with world-wide distribution for physical books and don’t have to depend on Amazon Create Space as my only outlet for self-publishing physical books, it means I can sell the books anywhere, even on Amazon and/or I can still have my books (physical) on Amazon Create Space. Basically, unlike Create Space, I can get my own books at the price of paper they are printed on and order as few or as many as I think I can sell/distribute during talks and presentations about everything evolutionary. If I order the books from Create Space (outside the initial physical proofs) I have to pay the same as everyone else for my own books and Amazon keep nearly all the royalties (you get a tiny amount from them compared to e-books).

I.e., I managed to break through the techical requirements set by Ingram (who are really wonderful, but they don’t hold your hand and your mistakes cost real money), so maybe my experience will help some of you avoid the pitfalls and the fairly costly mistakes. My greatest help in the end was getting the cover templates and my own designs accepted by using SCRIBUS (an open source software that works just like IN-DESIGN without the price tag). I could not recommend it highly enough.   I had no idea what I was doing when I started out less than a year ago, but it means that  I certainly have a lot to share with would-be indie self-publishers and those of us still stuck in Create Space with no escape route –

I am now free to go essentially anywhere and have my books printed and distributed world-wide. It feels great to be a completely independent indie author. I now have all three books in the process of being uploaded to Ingram SparK (lightning source printers) titles: Lamarck & the sad tale of the blind cave-fish, the epigenetic caterpillar: an alternative to the Neo-Darwinian view of the Peppered Moth Phenomenon and Old Mr. Darwin wasn’t to Blames: the little book of evolutionary quotes.

I will do some articles in the near future comparing the pros and cons of what I learned between using Create Space and Ingram Spark in the hope that I might help some of you also seeking to become fully INDEPENTENT INDIE publishers.


One happy Indie Publisher with my own imprint Dig-Press!!!


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