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My approach to learning is to apply the LAUG (Learn  As U Go – almost laughing) way. In other words, you learn from your mistakes and I have made many; so I have learned a lot. But as Thomas Edison said in response to the many ways not to invent the light bulb: (see quote above), finding out what doesn’t work, teaches us what does work.

So instead of me listing all the ways to self-publish and/or ‘how not to’, I will share with you a link to a site that is so useful to independent publishers, particularly Irish and UK authors -I can’t begin to praise its author enough for its no-nonsense, clear, concise, humourous, encouraging and invaluable guidance to anyone thinking of self-publishing. Or, indeed anyone already well down that path like myself.

If you haven’t already come across this site, it is Catherine Ryan Howard’s blog. Catherine has been referred to in National Newspapers here in Ireland as: “Ireland’s Top Self Publisher” and that is not an overstatement: she really is the top expert on the topic.

The biggest mistake I made, was not being aware of Catherine’s blogs as I was starting out as a novice. Hopefully, by posting the links here (see below), you will be aware of her amazingly practical information about independent publishing and not have to learn the really hard way. Saying that, I learned a great deal by making my own mistakes, but I still find Catherine’s blogs great to dip into and remind me of stuff I have already forgotten.

As a starting point to Catherine’s blog, I have linked to three articles (blogs) that I believe are the most valuable when starting out. These may save you hours, weeks and even months of grief – One is a great introductory blog dealing with all aspects of self-publishing your book from start to finish. The second link is ‘how to format your ebook’ and this is  really important & useful info as Catherine states in its extended title: it is the “non-migraine-inducing way”. And the final link (but you can find more on her site) deals with the nitty-gritty of uploading your information to Amazon for Tax purposes (KDP – Kindle etc).

This latter blog post is the clearest I’ve ever seen and although, I did not have Catherine’s ‘how to’ while doing it for the first time myself, I have referenced it here in the hope that you see it (particularly if you are not in the USA) before encountering the most difficult thing to do on Amazon as a self-publishers – following their automated tax interview. After that, self-publishing is relatively easy.

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How self published books are made: start to finish

How to format your ebook (the non-Migraine-inducing way)

non US self-publisher tax issues don’t need to be taxing

























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