Creative Self-Publishing workshop: in Leabharlann an Spidéil (Spiddal library) – Connemara, Galway


The very first in a series of nationwide introductory workshops in Creative Self-Publishing will be held at Spiddal library (Leabharlann an Spidéil) on (Dé Sathairn 6ú Feabhra 2016) – Saturday 6th February 2016, starting at  12.45pm and will run for about an hour and a half with discussion, questions and answer session for last half hour.

This slide show presentation is given by Maria B. O’Hare (PhD – research archaeologist), who has been living in Spiddal (Galway) for the past several years. Over time, Maria has increasingly come to focus on self-publishing her more independent research, and it is her own experience that led her to want to share with others – the ins and outs of self-publishing.

Although the workshop will not be given in Irish, as Maria is a novice of the language, she will present very useful (hands-on) information relating specifically to publishing in the Irish language, along with all other aspects of self (independent)  publishing within the context of Ireland, with a particular focus on the creative aspects of publishing independently.

Maria currently has three of her own independently produced books published under her imprint DiG-Press in both paperback and e-book form. These are widely available through global online stores and available to order from most major bookstores. The books are also making their way unto physical bookshelves; our famous Charlie Byrne’s – Galway independent bookshop being the first of many. Another of dig-press’ books is due out in the late Spring and several others are published on websites and in various digital forms. And, Maria prides herself in doing it all without any specialised and expensive software & at a tiny cost, apart from her time. She hopes to help others access self-publishing for just as little money, if they want to go this route and, hopefully at a fraction of the time.

“The tools available to now publish independently, are only limited by our imagination to use them.”

Click on the link to profile for more information about the presenter.

Connect with Maria – Dig-Press via any of the means given in the contact info on posters to find out more, and/or if you are interested in any aspects of self-publishing creatively and/or have a specific project in mind. There will be information posted regularly relating to forthcoming workshops on facebook listing future self-publishing workshops coming to a library near you (It could be anywhere in Ireland).



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