‘How this book was made’ (e-book) is under construction: a step by step guide to creative & pain FREE independent publishing

HOW THIS BOOK WAS MADE under construction

       This e-book is currently under construction and will be available soon at Dig-Press and all major e-book channels. It was inspired as a way to teach a one day workshop here in Ireland (Spiddal, Galway) for those seriously interested in producing a book in any form, physical or digital. I was also inspired by the question: well how do you actually make a book? This came after the recent introduction to creative self-publishing given in the local library here in Spiddal. It got me thinking. OK, so then I thought well, I could construct a book and actually use it to show how it was made. A book within a book concept came to mind.  So basically, I’m letting you know that I am working on this creation so I can teach ye in a day and/or a single book what I took years to learn – the hard way. So this is just to let you budding authors out there know, that I’m feverously working on this and doing the usual free-lance work on-line i.e trying to earn a little money and creating more books physical and e-books for others and I’ll be back with you all soon and ready to get stuck in.

Anyway, as you can see by the big image of the e-book cover under construction: it does exactly what it says on the cover (or it will do when finished).  It explains HOW THIS BOOK WAS MADE (e-book in this case and a physical of the same will follow) and it should give you all you need to know of how to make your own.

        The simple step-by step guide examines each part of the book you are actually reading and how it was done. It is a bit sore on the head after a while -thinking fractally (scales within scales). I am a visual learner – sorry for anyone who isn’t – it’s my way and I have used it here. I use the actual images of the screen I am working on and what I’m doing – (screen shots), a type of picture book  learning guide for grown ups.

          Essentially, whether you read the books when they are created or come to the actual workshops, you should be able to make your own book/s and make the e-book version available to upload painlessly to kindle (Kindle direct publishing KDP) on Amazon, and Smashwords dedicated e-book platform and from there out to all the major distributors: Apple store (i-tunes/i-books); Barnes & Noble (Nook); KOBO (anagram of books-a dedicated e-book platform) and many more. You can upload to your own website and give away e-books for free to create interest in other books or product or causes that you have. You might even make money in the process. Obviousy, the physical book will show you how to make a physical version and how to upload and distibute to global online bookshops as well as real bricks and mortar shops and libraries etc.

        Basically, this book concept is about being creative as you follow the visual steps of literally making your e-book from virtual cover to virtual cover. I will keep you posted on this website of its progress and in the meantime, sign up for info on workshops in your region here in Ireland by contacting me on facebook or directly by e-mail – all the info is in the menu ‘About Me’– the workshops will be very inexpensive and quite intensive, but you will learn everything you need to know to publish your own book/s your way – hence I am going for small numbers and have got a few very keen beginners already and we will work on your specific project together. If you don’t make one workshop session, you can catch the next one by letting me know you are interested.

Otherwise, you can check in occasionally and see the progress of this book in the making and get almost everything that you get if you attended the workshop by reading the book/s HOW THIS BOOK WAS MADE.

Don’t forget to share – thanks for reading and showing an interest.






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