Amazon Kindle Book on How to Publish E-Books for Free



Pre-Launch FREE Kindle E-Book which teaches everything you ever need to know about publishing E-Books. Available on request by messaging Creative Self Publishing Ireland directly on Facebook (Click Link Below)


Or request your copy on this site or by Email:

Offer ends on launch date 22nd September 2016 – and all I ask is for some feedback and if you felt so inclined: an honest review on Amazon would be fantastic. Or, simply share the free e-book with those who you think it might help.

I really hope that you enjoy the adventure !


PS: I’ve copied the press release below which will give you a bit more info about the book and myself as its author.

RELEASE DATE 22nd September 2016

1st September 2016| Galway Ireland

Please e-mail for review copies of book, bio, photos etc.

INDEPENDENT (Indie) author reveals insider secrets so that other struggling writers/researchers can now FREELY & CREATIVELY publish their own books –
This is a unique ‘Book inside a Book’ concept that shows the reader how the book was made so that they can create their own

Maria B. O’Hare, living in Spiddal, County Galway with her partner and son, is the author of the soon to be published e-book How This Book Was Made & How You Can Make Your Own, the e-book version (to be launched initially on AMAZON Kindle) with the physical version with its step-by-step guide to producing and successfully publishing in any format and with complete independence, is to follow shortly thereafter:

 “A paperback book that can sit proudly next to traditionally published books in real ‘bricks & mortar’ book shops”

The e-book version shows the would-be self-publisher, how to conceptualise, design and create their own high quality book cover (even if they have no prior knowledge of design), embed suitable quality images and to do the very particular formatting for the successful uploading and publication of an e-book to be made available globally. It assumes no prior expertise, technical know-how, or access to specialist software. Indeed, the author demonstrates, by showing how the e-book itself was created, how anyone with a desire to publish their books probably already has the basic tools at their finger-tips to do so. The idea of this e-book is to essentially empower anyone with an interest in publishing their writings (particularly struggling writers/researchers) to be fully creative and ultimately, achieve a high level of independence in their self-publishing adventures. In a nut-shell: this e-book offers readers a choice of tried and tested tools to experiment with; to basically have fun while doing it and perhaps best of all: to do it all: ‘virtually’ for FREE.

The author’s background is the research and publication of more scientifically focused topics (M.B. O’Hare has a PhD in archaeology and worked for a number of years as a freelance archaeological analyst – mainly pre-historic stone tools within Ireland). With the economic climate, plummeting drastically, Maria began related, but more independent research which in turn, led to several independently published books  See more on nature of research at website  Maria eventually  formed an independent imprint DiG-Press and in more recent years began to synthesise her self-taught wealth of knowledge on how to become a fully-fledged published author with little or no previous knowledge and to do it all basically: “on a shoe-string”. She now teaches courses on Creative Self-Publishing and How This Book Was Made & How You Can Make Your Own (e-book version) is a treasure-trove tool-kit to help anyone who has a desire to publish their own e-books and have full creative and financial control.



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