Amazon vs Lulu vs Smashwords: A Beginner’s Guide


If you think that this article is about the singer LULU surviving in the Amazon jungle & having a smash (hit) with her words, then either you are in the wrong place, or you are really a complete NEWBIE to self-publishing.

If you are the latter, and/or you know what the title of this article is about, then read on, view on – as there is a short video preview of a very informative presentation to begin with and then the presentation in full slideshow with clickable links  to look at or to view in the pdf book (also with clickable links) to find out all the options for beginning your self-publishing journey or expanding your existing one. There is a very generous freebie that should help significantly further on. So stay tuned.

Now you can view the full presentation in either slideshow (PowerPoint) format or open the PDF below (you should be able to download the pdf to keep and view at another time).

If you have neither of these viewing options at the moment, I’ve made a gallery of the slides below. I had intended for this to be a complete written article, but it turned into a visual display instead. I hope you get something from it whatever way you chose to view it. Enjoy! and don’t forget to share this valuable info with others.

click to open & download PDF book


click to open in slide presentation view

FREE KINDLE BOOK – Extended Preview version with all the formatting know-how you’ll ever probably need to self-publish


THE SLIDES WITH LOTS OF USEFUL INFO TO GET YOU STARTED & KEEP YOU GOING ARE BELOW:(if you had difficulty opening the slideshow and/or pdf)









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