LULU vs Amazon – Smashwords (Part 1)


If you think that this article is about the singer LULU surviving in the Amazon jungle & having a smash (hit) with her words, then either you are in the wrong place, or you are really a complete NEWBIE to self-publishing.

…If you are the latter, and/or you know what the title of this article is about, then read on and stay tuned.


Click on the image above to see previous & full article on this blog:

‘Amazon vs Lulu vs Smashwords: A Beginner’s Guide’ (it’s all about self-publishing and all you need to know to get started and to keep going)

In this full article you will find tons of help to get your started and to keep you going once you start; including a free e-book that will show you all that you need to know to publish your own e-book successfully with any of the major distributors of e-books to sell in online bookstores ranging from Amazon to Apple itunes/ibooks and from Barnes & Noble to Nook (it’s all about the formatting).
Please share the full article widely, so that others may discover it too!

Thanks a Million



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