READ this BEFORE enrolling your book in Amazon KDP Select!

If you have a book on Amazon Kindle and are thinking of signing up to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) SELECT program, then read the following, particularly if you are a newbie Indie publisher:
As any Indie author will tell you – to enrol or not to enrol your Kindle book in the KDP SELECT program is a very individual choice and it is up to you to decide if the benefits outweigh the limitations of having your book exclusive to Amazon Kindle for 90 whole days (c. 3  Months!). If you do opt for enrolling your book/s in the SELECT pogram, it is very important to know how to unenroll as it is very easy to end up – inadvertently, finding your book stuck in KDP select for half a year or more. Lots of newbie Indie Authors fall into this trap.
  • By default – your book will stay in KDP SELECT for a further 3 months & will continue to get stuck there unless you state otherwise.
  • Make sure to UNTICK/UNCHECK the box that says: “Keep this book enrolled in KDP Select”.
  • If for some reason you inadvertently enrol your book and/or change your mind, don’t worry: YOU HAVE 3 DAYS to UNENROLL it. (Note that once you use one of their promotions that can help boost your book, this 3-day cool-off period will not be available).

My advice would be: once the first 90 day term has commenced,  untick/uncheck the box saying you don’t want your book to be enrolled automatically – then you can always enrol it again if and when you wish.


  • CHEERS MariaBrigit – I hope this helps.

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