Press for Help! Publishing


PRESS if you are a complete beginner and not sure where or how to begin. Otherwise, submit a question below & I’ll try my best to help you out – we’ve all been there.

You might also find the following Indie Publishing guide and tips of immense value. Unfortunately, I came across this site after I had made most of my newbie mistakes. Hopefully, you can find some timely help there.

Catherine Ryan Howard’s website can be accessed by clicking the links below. It will take you to a great article on filling out tax forms (ask me directly about tax withholding outside USA in the form above if you, like me, would prefer if Amazon didn’t withhold your tax).

Catherine’s site also has an article on formatting e-books (see link below) and/or click here to: download the free Kindle book on formatting to upload to Smashwords premium (Apple store/Kobo/Barnes & Noble etc), to Amazon Kindle and Lulu etc.. (this contains all the ways to resolve formatting issues that I myself have encountered over the years – (the main tools are MS Word)

help with tax interview

catherine's website article
or click below

How To Format Your E-Book (the Non Migraine-Inducing Way)









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