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 As I once said in a poem somewhere in this blog:

Education, it left me with a blank page to fill in as I pleased.

That statement just about sums up my situation. I was poorly educated. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop me trying to write and write, and write some more.  Long story short: as a mature student in my 30s and with a small child on-board, (who is now an adult), I finally fulfilled my quest for deeper knowledge and ended up with a phD in a subject I love – Archaeology. They told me that there was no future in it – but I didn’t listen and I ended up researching and writing about alternative science – so my pen is a little unruly.

Anyway, with an innate need to write my thoughts and ideas down,  I started writing on the Unruly Pen, a blog of rants and ideas, stories and poems – they are still there but I have generally made them private as they are more more meandering rants & probably not for public consumption. Over time, as I have come to terms with becoming (inadvertently) my own publisher (see info on the nature of my research and my own independently published books and you will figure out why), and I began to change the focus of this blog with the mission of dealing with all aspects of self-publishing with a particular emphasis on self-publishing in the context of Ireland, but it also deals with publishing the DEY- Do Everything Yourself way no matter where you are in the world.

I have been quietly writing my discoveries on this blog – to firstly, keep a record of ‘how to’s’  to remind myself – lest I forget, which I have done on many occasion, and secondly, in the hope of helping others on a similar independent publishing path. Not only have I begun to focus, more and more, on self-publishing (the indie-way) – the creative way, but as I have been lucky enough to find myself living in the Irish speaking part of the West of Ireland, (I have been trying to learn the language myself and I love it – long story, but I didn’t have the opportunity while growing up in Belfast in the ’70s to speak in the native tongue), I have also investigated the different ways that authors writing in the Irish language can similarly explore (creatively) the independent publishing route.

The tools available to now publish independently, are only limited by our imagination to use them.

Enjoy & I Truly Hope you get something of real value on this site that will help you in your own creative publishing pursuits…

Maria Brigit



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